[scribus] A Google GSoC Mentor Summit note on Scribus and CMS interoperability

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I do some work on accessing Blogger and WordPress via XML-RPC, but its API
is pretty pour to support a full publishing system.
(google-translated from

Also, I'm finishing a "Universal newspaper story builder", coded in
Python/Tkinter that can help automating newspaper making.

Here there are a screenshot:

2011/10/22 Oleksandr Moskalenko <malex at scribus.net>

> From
> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Blog:Scribus_Times_and_Gazette/Google_GSoC_Mentor_Summit_note_on_Scribus_and_CMS_interoperability
> Hot from the Google Summer of Code Mentors Summit. Your intrepid
> Debian/Ubuntu packager and docs/infrastructure geek malex and the ever
> illustrious Mrdocs are in the sunny California mingling with the brightest
> minds in the FOSS community. One of the sessions at the conference was
> dedicated to advances in CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Drupal,
> Plone and Typo3. The session was crashed by malex who posed a burning
> question that makes its appearance on the Scribus mailing lists with
> increasing frequency: can any of these fine CMS systems take care of the
> authors, editors and advertisers and provide the resulting formatted content
> to Scribus's Python scripting engine for inclusion into a laid-out document.
> The results are somewhat encouraging. Here are the notes:
> [edit]Integration between desktop publishing system and CMS
> Example: Scribus - has a Python scripting language that can pull info from
> the CMS
> CMS has to not interfere with what the script would pull (not too much
> theming etc.)
> Use the CMS as the content repository and editor, lay out the newsletter in
> Scribus
> Maybe use WS-API4Plone, Drupal Services module, etc. -- to use XML-RPC,
> REST, SOAP or whatever to do the queries
> Or use RSS
> Plone supports API for grabbing portions of pages etc.
> Till next time...

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