[scribus] D-BUS information

Peter Linnell plinnell at scribus.net
Thu Oct 20 05:40:28 UTC 2011

On 10/20/2011 01:45 AM, perlcat at windstream.net wrote:
> I am running Scribus on FreeBSD, and am trying to enable or use D-BUS to automate certain tasks. The existing FreeBSD package does not have an option to enable/disable it.
> Is there any particular place I can find more information?
> --
> Tyson

On BSD or not, there are no dbus hooks in Scribus.  The only automation
available is via the python scripter in 1.4.x

In 1.50.svn we have scripter2 which has more capabilties, but its
definitely a development version.

More generally, what are you trying to automate. Folks on this list
might have good suggestions.


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