[scribus] Scribus Icons Contest 2011

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Oct 8 21:55:32 UTC 2011


> Now, I'm happy that someone actually bothered to take care of that and
> I will help getting as much attention to the contest as possible, even
> though I feel extremely reluctant to exposing people to a team where
> the loudest member cannot deal with constructive criticism like a
> grown-up person.

i've dealt with the constructive criticism like a grown-up person
during the preparation of the contest.

the text was there to be commented and changed by anybody for almost a
the link has been sent to a selected group of people and freely
discussed in irc.

the problem is that replying to the announce of the contest with
constructive criticism was probably not the best idea of yours!

this thread was meant for people who have questions because they want to
participate but don't understand something. and not for people who want
to have different rules!
or people who want to discuss about discussing the rules...

personally, i'm for leaving the things as they are now and see at the
end of october what has come out of it.
(there is a blog post, a forum entry and a mailing list post which are
already out!)

if the contest is a failure we, can run another afterwards.

on top of it, i will repost the contest announce in the mailing list on
monday evening CET.
for coherence, the post will be kept the same as it was originally, but
will be followed by a second mail which will have a set of further

people who have the feeling that there is a need for an additional
explanation should go to


and edit the post scriptum. the password is "icons"

what i will certainly do next time, is avoiding to use the mailing
list as a channel for the contest and restrict everything to the
forums. over there, i have a way to move to other boards meta messages
about the contest itself.

on the mailing list, i will only announce that the contest is running
and people should refer to the forums for everything.

lesson learned.

and i will repost the announce that i will repost the announce in a
separated message to make it more visible.

and, please, from now on, please keep this thread clean from comments
on the contest itself. if you want to discuss about the contest, please
open a new thread (by posting a new message to the mailing list,
without replying to a previous message and with a new subject!)

have a nice evening.

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