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>> Hello all!
>> I'm making a business card with a circle of text around an
>> illustration. Wiki article on Text on a path works fine.
>> Problem is the text on the lower half of the circle is upside down.
>> Any way to change that?
> making two paths? and then flipping horizontally?
> ciao
> a.l.e
Thanks a.l.e. That's off in the direction I took. Think of a vinyl 
record with the circle deformed, simple text follows the curve above and 
below. The above goes just like the text along path help. You need a 
second bezier for the bottom with a left down start curve rather than 
the left up start of the default circle. A default half circle answers. 
Use the text along a path tools in the Properties / Text tab.
Thanks for your help and thanks for a wonderful program that does this! 
and a lot more.
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