[scribus] print

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Nov 29 06:40:01 UTC 2011

hi peter

> I was using Scribus 1-3-7 which I have used yearly to print Christmas
> cards. A message was displayed that I couldn't get 'print preview'
> unless I downloaded Ghost Script which I did. Everything went on ok
> until I actually printed the document. Then it printed at such a high
> speed that the document was a blur. I tried to rectify this by
> trashing Ghost Script without success. I then replaced my Scribus
> programme with 1-4-0 without success. Out of Scribus my printer
> prints ok. I would appreciate any help.

you don't need the print preview for previewing your work. that command
should be renamed to "proofing".


for a preview of your document, please click on the eye in right lower
corner of your scribus window or -- frank suggests -- create a pdf and
have a look at it.


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