[scribus] Negative line spacing?

David Whitfield david at davidwhitfield.co.nz
Mon Nov 28 23:52:23 UTC 2011

> If you set up two frames side by side, link them, and then prepare one text
> file with all the items follewed by all the prices then you can get by
> with one text file. You just have to adjust the bottom of the
> left hand frame after text is inserted to make the overflow come out right.
>  The first frame is set ragged right and the second ragged left.
> Yo don't have to fuss with tabs.
> Another of my tricks is to import the text and set it ragged
> right. Then in the story editor I highlight the price (or page
> number etc.) and choose the ragged left icon.  This has to be
> done line by line.
> I don't use tabs, not since typewriter days.

Thanks for that, I've just given that a go and it'll work great, plus now I
know how to use baseline grid. Every day's a school day. I'll put a link up
to show when I've tidied it up.
Cheers David
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