[scribus] negative line spacing?

David Whitfield david at davidwhitfield.co.nz
Thu Nov 24 21:10:36 UTC 2011

Hi all,
thanks for the many replies.

> updated, compiled and tested: it's indeed correct now!
> one can go down to 1pt line spacing.

Yes but 1pt spacing doesn't let you position text above the bottom of the
line above (as in spacing less than zero)  so that solution is still out
for my purpose.

Having 2 paragraphs instead of one enabled to use paragraph styles
> to style first part and second part

Yes that was what I'm aiming at. My dream scenario is to create the menu
content in a text file, load that file into a text frame and then style it
(I use three sets of styles for a menu poster, colour A4 and mono A4). The
beauty of scribus over a word processor is in being able to edit the text
once and style it 3 ways.

But I think applying a character style to the right half of a lot of
> lines may become quite a lot of work...
> Yes, I think it might and surely this is not in keeping with best practice
in using styles for consistency and easy style changes?

I think using two frames side by side, and possibly the baseline grid,
> would be a better solution. At least easier to format, but maybe
> getting the content there will become more complicated instead?

It seems this will achieve the layout I'm after, especially with a baseline
grid (I've never really used that feature before). The only down side is
dealing with separate text frames for items and prices means I won't be
able to load all from one text file. I guess I'm asking quite a lot though.
I am curious to know why an option that has worked in earlier versions has
been removed, perhaps I'm the only person who has need to overlap
paragraphs in this way?

Thanks again for the input.
cheers David
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