[scribus] Paragraph Justification (Christen)

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Nov 21 12:05:51 UTC 2011


> I agree with Louis that icons aren't clear enough. Actually, they 
> might be considered rather misleading for an untrained eye. Just take 
> a look at the attached example which shows the difference between 
> Scribus's "Justified" icon and commonly used icons for the same 
> purpose: – The first one is "Justified" icon in 
> LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org – The second one is "Justified" icon in MS 
> Office 2007 – The third one is "Justified" icon in Scribus; so, it's 
> only natural that users who are accustomed to above-mentioned apps are 
> going to use "Forced Justified" instead of "Justified" (and I don't 
> think tooltip change would do much good to remedy this). So, the 
> fourth one is an example what can be done with Scribus's icon to make 
> sure nobody misses the right button; make "Forced justified" looks 
> like an "alien", since it usually is exactly that on page.

just curious: and what does the context menu in ms office?

however, personally, i'm still convinced that the forced justification 
should be a setting in the properties palette.
you justify your paragraph and, then, go to the properties palette (or 
in the style!) and define how the last line should behave. with 
percentages to automatically switch from left aligned to justify (0% 
being always left aligned and 100% always forced justify)...

"forced justification" is an advanced setting and should be treated as such!


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