[scribus] Transparency Simulation if your commercial printer does not allow transparency

Stefan stmstmstmster at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 11 11:06:56 UTC 2011

thanks for the Reader tipp, did not know that it flattens.

On my project all png transparency was lost after selecting X-3
format, too bad!

2011/11/9 Andreas Vox <avox at arcor.de>:
> Stefan <stmstmstmster at ...> writes:
>> Most printers do not accept transparent vector art in a pdf.
>> Scribus cannot "flatten" a file so it look transparent, so:
>> My workaround for simple transparency stuff like
>> half-transparent background over a picture, for easy readable text:
>> use a special png-graphic
> ...
>> The resulting PDF is accepted by all offset printers i use.
>> There some are WYSIWYG-probs. Always check the pdf before printing from it.
> Interesting. AFAIK png-graphics with alpha channel are still outside the PDF 1.3
> spec, so your approach might as well result in a 100% white box on top of the
> background image. The correct approach would be to combine the background
> image and the white transparent box inside Gimp and place that image in
> Scribus.
> The best way is to create a PDF with transparency (1.4) and print that from
> Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat if available) to PS. AR includes a very good
> transparency flattener that will transform any transparent objects into pieces
> of non-transparent objects where transparency is already blended with the
> background. When you have the PDF, you can transform it back to a PDF with
> ps2pdf.
> When you use Ghostscript's ps2pdf13 on a PDF 1.4 file it does something less
> sophisticated that results in large bitmaps (That's also the program Scribus
> uses when it creates version 1.3 PDFs)
> /Andreas
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Gruß, Stefan

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