[scribus] Paragraph Justification

Joe Zeff joe at zeff.us
Wed Nov 9 19:22:36 UTC 2011

On 11/09/2011 10:53 AM, JLuc wrote:
> Scribus's property palette can stretch one or any characters up to 400%.
> And it has to be done by hand ™ too !
> But 400% might be not enough for some very short lines.

Thank you.  Of course, it's all academic unless somebody wants to use 
Scribus to produce a Chumash (a book form of the Torah in Hebrew and in 
translation with commentary) and get the Hebrew part Just Right.

BTW, could Scribus do what's called "running indent" automatically? 
That is, at the end of each paragraph, you have a line feed but not a 
carriage return so that the indent of each new paragraph varies 
depending on where the last line of the preceding one ends.  It used to 
be popular in fanzines when they were produced on typewriters, but I've 
not seen it in years.

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