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1.       I have just downloaded and installed (on Win-7 64 bit) the 1.4rc6
version of Scribus.  In addition, I have downloaded the "Freedom Yug" sample
file set and the Getting Started With Scribus pdf manual so help bring
myself up to speed with this tool.

Installation question:

a.       The installation instructions, as given on the web-site, specify
the 32 bit version of Ghostscript.  When I went on-line to download it, I
noticed that there is also a 64 bit version of Ghostscript.  Will that work?

2.       Unfortunately, the controls and layout of the 1.4rc6 version do not
match the instructions given in the downloaded pdf manual.  Likewise, the
manual does not specify WHICH version of Scribus it was based on.


a.       What is the version used for that manual.  (It seems to imply
1.3.3, but I would like to be sure, if this is indeed the version used in
the book.)

b.      Is it possible - for future versions - to specify the version that
the manual is based on?

c.       Is there a newer version of the manual more appropriate to the
1.4.x versions that I could download and print?

3.       Quickly perusing the .txt file that accompanied the sample files, I
noticed a few grammatical and usage errors in the text.  I would be willing
to revise that .txt file to correct the English used there.


a.       Is that available or desirable at this point?

b.      If so, how would I return the updated file to you for inclusion in
the sample-file download package?




p.s.  Don't forget - I'm always here for all of your computer or networking


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