[scribus] anybody to help KDE e.V.?

Peter Linnell plinnell at scribus.net
Fri Nov 4 06:46:01 UTC 2011

On 11/02/2011 05:13 AM, S C ribus wrote:
> How is this going, there was a group some months ago but I could not take part, had too much on my plate.
> Is there a new issue now?
> C
> https://twitter.com/#!/nightrose/status/131009728145932288
> "looking for someone experienced with #Scribus to help with some
> material for #KDE e.V. (quarterly report, Akademy stuff, etc.)"
> Alexandre Prokoudine
> http://libregraphicsworld.org
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To update, I handled this directly with the KDE e.V folks who I know
personally. They have a need for a backup designer capable of helping
them with a wide variety of documents.

As the person in question is on holiday, she has advised me she will
outline their precise needs in a few short days.

Thanks for everyone's interest.


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