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As per the screen shot I pasted in my earlier mail. Text appears in Story 
Editor is 100% correct, whereas in the canvas all the separate vowels and 
consonants appears correctly, but in the cases where vowels + consonants 
combined characters are not appeared correctly.

please bear with me if anything makes you misleading from my mails.

Dont hesitate to contact me. I am eager to share my ideas and knowledge with 
you people.

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> hi srikrishnan,
>> I want to share some more things regarding tamil with you. Unlike Hindi,
>> Tamil letters are continously modified until mid of the 20th century as 
>> per the emerged requirements from print media. So maximum number of 
>> ascending and descending characters are modernised, which leads to 
>> improvementsin leading problems in Tamil.
>> Total Tamil characters are only
>> Vowels = 12
>> Consonants = 18
>> hermaphrodite letter (Aiyudha Ezhuthu, either vowel nor consonants) = 1
>> combination of vowels and Consonants = 12*18 = 216
>> Apart from that there are Grantha letters = 6
>> Total = 247+6
>> In Tamil there is no running letters style. So there is no need to worry 
>> much about 'various glyphs depending on
>>> leading/following glyphs' as like other indic languages such as Hindi
>> Following link is very useful for you
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamil_script
>> I hope above informations could help you to understand something about 
>> Tamil
> this means that under certain circumstances you may already be able to put 
> tamil text in scribus.
> one of the issues will be to check if your input system is supported by 
> scribus on the canvas. it should be in the story editor.
> can you try and tell us how far you got?
> ciao
> a.l.e
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