[scribus] save 1.3.9: bug or feature?

Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Wed Mar 16 23:18:51 CET 2011

>>> I'm running Scribus 1.3.9 on Windows Vista. When I'm working on any
>>> document, if I save my changes and then close the document, the
>>> dialog box pops up asking if I want to save changes before I close.
>>> This happens regardless of whether the file has been modified since
>>> the last save. It isn't really a problem, but I just thought it was
>>> interesting and wondered if anyone else had encountered the same
>>> thing, and if it was a bug or a feature?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Christen
>> I view it as a minor irritant. I happens sometimes with other versions
>> of Scribus.
> I get the same. It's also irritating that you can save the file and
> the 'save' menu doesn't get greyed out, showing that no changes have
> been made since the last save.

We had complaints about save being disabled after save was used from a
number of users many years ago.. It doesn't make much sense to disable
it in any case.

However, the changed tag on the file is a bit annoying.. but.. its been
there forever and a day, and there are more significant things to fix
(and this one has been chased before). We will fix it.. one day.


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