[scribus] export to .pdf by the help of .ps

gordom gordom1 at wp.pl
Wed Mar 2 15:08:05 CET 2011

Hello everyone.
My question regards pdf export. I'm preparing some leaflets containing 
significant amount of graphic. They are dedicated for computer displays 
(not necessary printing) and will be sent by e-mails. If I use pdf 
export option implemented directly in Scribus the graphic and text 
rendering in pdf file is very fine. One of the most important features 
I'm satisfied with is the text search option (I can search a pdf file 
for certain text). I can also copy/paste this text. Unfortunately the 
size of such file is definitely to big (it varies in between 8-16 MB 
depending on the options in export menu).
Therefore I tried the following 2 walks around:
1. I swapped to Linux and followed the instructions mentioned here: 
http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Web_optimised_PDF (export by the help of 
.ps file)
2. I used PDFCreator (on Windows platform) to create pdf (instead of 
using export option in Scribus)

Both options give much smaller files. The pdf file is shrunk to about 
1,5 - 2 MB and the graphic quality is almost unchanged. So far good. 
Unfortunately there is a problem with text search and copy/paste 
options. The text can be marked (it's not a bitmap) but can't be found 
(I get a prompt: there is no such text in the document). If the marked 
text is being copied and pasted to a text document I get a string of 
very strange symbols (totally incomprehensible for the user).

Could you please tell me what's going on and if this can be avoided. 
Many thanks in advance. Regards,

P.S. Scribus version I'm using is 1.3.7.

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