[scribus] Image cropping

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Wed Mar 2 07:45:03 CET 2011

> Not sure where my mail from my phone went. It should be an option on PDF
> export, hard coded into the export process, and definitely not a script.
> There are a number of issues that need to be considered like how many
> times any one particular image is used in a document etc.

Yes, if an image is re-used, it might make sense to only include it
once in the PDF.

But if JPEGs are going to be cropped at export, where do we set the
JPEG compression and similar parameters? Two users will not have the
same preference, so it must be a setting that can be changed. Global
and/or per image? All image formats with lossy compression would need
to be addressed. For other image formats the function could probably
use the same properties as in the original image.

I really think it might be better to include it in the pre-flight
check. A warning if less than a chosen percentage of an image is
shown? Default setting could be maybe 90%? So if less than 90% of an
image is visible in an image frame you will get a warning?

Maybe add cropping as an image effect?  Then the user will have
several options. Leave the image uncropped, crop it (at export) with
image effect or open it with image editing software and crop it


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