[scribus] Scribus crashes when saving PDF

Thomas Baumann thomasbaumann at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 2 04:19:26 CET 2011

Already have GS.  Problem was one photo on the page (determined by process of elimination).  Not a big file, about 1.5meg.  Other pix are larger files but are not the problem.  I attached the file to a new  post, but it got hung up on the message limit size.  The moderator (I assume) could create the PDF using Centos and Scribus suggesting that the problem is not with Scribus but with the oper sys, config, etc.  That doesn't really help me much since I am not a techie and don't plan on changing os.
I downloaded 1.4 and was able to save the PDF of this pix, but I cannot open a new blank file with 1.4, only files previously saved.  Another post said to change the folder name for 1.4 but not really sure what I'm doing and don't want to create another problem.
So, back to the main issue....why would not save a PDF with a relatively small jpeg image on it?  I can work around the problem with 1.4, but doesn't seem like that is the ideal solution for a stable version of scribus.

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Subject: Re: [scribus] Scribus crashes when saving PDF
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On Sunday 27 February 2011 19:05:53 Thomas Baumann wrote:
> Plenty of disc and plenty of ram.  Have no problem with PDF of much
> larger image files.  I also just tried PDF with Color Mgmt turned
> off and it still crashed Scribus.

Don't know the source of the disease but the usual cure is upgrading 
to a later version of Scribus. Anything in the 1.3.5-1.3.9 series 
should be OK. This far I have had no problems with 1.4.0rc1.

Also, did you install Ghostscript before installing Scribus? AFAIK it 
is a requirement (see page 9 of the official manual.)
John Culleton
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