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a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Mar 1 15:30:57 CET 2011

hi ron,
> 2011/3/1 Ron Carter<rrcwlc at gmail.com>
>> Does it seem unreasonable to anyone but me that a Scribus document
>> that occupies 2.5 MB should balloon to 52.6 MB as a pdf document?
>> What is the typical expansion when preparing pdf's from Scribus?
> The way you put your question is quite humoristic ! The fact is the P in PDF
> stands for Portable and this tells a lot to what's happening. The pictures
> are included into your PDF but they are only linked to your Scribus file.
> So, yes, a .sla file can "balloon" (I like this expression) to just about
> anything when we turn it into a PDF, depending on what is linked to it (the
> .sla file).

yep, and don't forget that fonts and color profiles may also be included!

scribus prepares PDF for print and takes care that everything is 
included in the most verbose way...

there are ways (see our wiki) to shrinken the PDF size without any 
noticeable decrease in quality...

and one day scribus will have to be able to also create smaller PDFs... 
but, for this, we need volounteers who can program it!


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