[scribus] Missing Font(s) -- slight detour, or about Helvetica

Teodor-Toma Silvestru Muntean teodomas at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 29 11:40:52 UTC 2011

Best replacement for Helvetica is FreeSans.

--- On Tue, 6/28/11, John Culleton <john la wexfordpress.com> wrote:

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Subject: Re: [scribus] Missing Font(s) -- slight detour, or about Helvetica
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On Tuesday, June 28, 2011 04:18:01 pm Meho R. wrote:
> On 28.06.2011 15:34, John Culleton wrote:
> > In addition to the excellent advice offered by ALE you 
> > also want to consider another Sans Serif Font. 
> > like Times Roman, is used to the point of being trite.
> > IMO it is wise to consider similar but slightly 
> > fonts.  I don't know what your Scribus system offers 
> > mine shows:
> > DejaVu Sans Bold
> > Liberation Sans Bold
> > Luxi Sans Bold
> > Nimbus Sans L bold
> > etc.
> Even if so, Helvetica *is* a legend among fonts and 
tasteful use of it
> has its merits and distinctive charm. If you have said 
"Arial, like
> Times Roman...", I'd agree with you, but Helvetica... 
Also, none of
> these free fonts you mentioned can really compare to 
Helvetica, sorry,
> John.
> ___

I quote Bringhurst, page 97 anent Helvetica:
"The many light weights issued in recent years have done 
much to reduce Helvetica's coarseness but little to 
increase its readability"

John Culleton

"Death Wore Black" Police procedural: 

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