[scribus] Updating styles from imported ODT document

Meho R. mehor at gmx.com
Tue Jun 28 13:11:40 UTC 2011

On 27.06.2011 12:55, Meho R. wrote:
> On 26.06.2011 15:15, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> On 06/26/2011 07:19 AM, Meho R. wrote:
>>> I usually import text as "plain" and format it in Scribus, but today I
>>> tried importing it from (for a change) a very nicely structured ODT
>>> document, with styles applied consistently throughout the document.
>>> Import went OK, text looks OK (character styles are replaced with raw
>>> formatting prior to importing into Scribus, since character styles are
>>> lost in the process). But,
>>> 1. Although in Story Editor, left part of the window (as well as
>>> "Properties" palette outside SE) shows that correct paragraph styles 
>>> are
>>> applied to correct lines of text, when I select a line (or click inside
>>> it), "No Style" is shown in the toolbar. I'm aware that Story Editor
>>> does have problems, so I guess that lack of sync between the style list
>>> on the left and the dropdown box in the toolbar is one of them. Not a
>>> big deal. Now, to point 2.
>>> 2. If I change any of imported styles in Scribus, all settings 
>>> regarding
>>> spacing, indentation etc. (i.e., "Properties" tab in Style Manager), 
>>> are
>>> applied correctly. However, any change in "Character" tab is ignored:
>>> font doesn't get changed, changing/applying another character style
>>> doesn't work, basically, nothing gets applied (funny thing is that, 
>>> if I
>>> added a Drop Caps in "Properties" tab, changes in "Character" tab
>>> applies to it, but not to the rest of the text).
>>> 3. So, to make point 2 work, I have to *reapply* corresponding 
>>> styles to
>>> every line/paragraph of text, which, BTW, automatically removes any
>>> custom formatting done in Libre/OpenOffice, meaning that I have to 
>>> apply
>>> character styles to all custom italic and bold instances prior to
>>> reapplying paragraph styles, which, at the end, destroys the very
>>> purpose of the ability to import styles from ODT docs – one could 
>>> import
>>> plain text, create necessary styles in Scribus and apply them, it's
>>> almost the same number of clicks. Is this normal behavior? Any 
>>> workarounds?
>> I'll have to see what I can, and it may take some time to set this up.
>> Meanwhile, as long as fonts and styles are being applied properly, I 
>> wouldn't worry about labels.
>> Greg
> Thanks, Greg. Labels aren't the problem. Import isn't too. The problem 
> is that imported styles do not get changed: e.g., change font or font 
> size for any of imported styles and you'll see that nothing happens 
> until the style is reapplied for every line/paragraph of text in Scribus.
> I filed a bug report: http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=10078
And solved in 1.4.0svn. Man, that was lightning-fast :-)

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