[scribus] Updating styles from imported ODT document

Meho R. mehor at gmx.com
Sun Jun 26 11:19:04 UTC 2011

I usually import text as "plain" and format it in Scribus, but today I 
tried importing it from (for a change) a very nicely structured ODT 
document, with styles applied consistently throughout the document. 
Import went OK, text looks OK (character styles are replaced with raw 
formatting prior to importing into Scribus, since character styles are 
lost in the process). But,

1. Although in Story Editor, left part of the window (as well as 
"Properties" palette outside SE) shows that correct paragraph styles are 
applied to correct lines of text, when I select a line (or click inside 
it), "No Style" is shown in the toolbar. I'm aware that Story Editor 
does have problems, so I guess that lack of sync between the style list 
on the left and the dropdown box in the toolbar is one of them. Not a 
big deal. Now, to point 2.

2. If I change any of imported styles in Scribus, all settings regarding 
spacing, indentation etc. (i.e., "Properties" tab in Style Manager), are 
applied correctly. However, any change in "Character" tab is ignored: 
font doesn't get changed, changing/applying another character style 
doesn't work, basically, nothing gets applied (funny thing is that, if I 
added a Drop Caps in "Properties" tab, changes in "Character" tab 
applies to it, but not to the rest of the text).

3. So, to make point 2 work, I have to *reapply* corresponding styles to 
every line/paragraph of text, which, BTW, automatically removes any 
custom formatting done in Libre/OpenOffice, meaning that I have to apply 
character styles to all custom italic and bold instances prior to 
reapplying paragraph styles, which, at the end, destroys the very 
purpose of the ability to import styles from ODT docs – one could import 
plain text, create necessary styles in Scribus and apply them, it's 
almost the same number of clicks. Is this normal behavior? Any workarounds?

Tested with Scribus 1.4.0rc5 and 1.5.0svn on Debian Wheezy, 64-bit.

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