[scribus] Probable BUG in 1.4.0rc5 involving Groups and levels

Mike mike at hersham.net
Wed Jun 22 17:23:40 UTC 2011

> ...but since there won't be many people changing the name of a group...
> so, i'm not sure it's real a urgent bug, one which should block the 
> release of 1.4...

You don't need to rename the group: that just helps illustrate part of the 

The bug appears by changing the level of an item in a group (whether or not 
the group has been renamed)

In terms of importance: if someone does wish to change the order (eg to 
change the tab order for a PDF form - which is how I discovered it) then 
they will end up with an unuseable document. Seems quite a harsh result for 
a stable release! 

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