[scribus] Idiot wants to build 1.5.0 from source

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jun 22 14:32:24 UTC 2011


> You can also invent commands and put them in /usr/bin, so for
> example, as root, cd to /usr/bin and type
> ln -s /usr/local/scribus_svn/bin/scribus scribus150

normally, /usr/local/bin should be in your path. you should define the symlink in there, not in /usr/bin (which is managed by your distribution)

generally, you shouldn't become root for such task. you should learn to use sudo, instead.

the command should also be:

$ cd /usr/local/bin
$ sudo ln -s bin/scribus scribus150

where "/usr/local/scribus_svn/" should be replaced by the place where you have installed the self compiled version of scribus.

hope that helps

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