[scribus] The never-ending quest for a stable version

Andrew Fountain andrew at writeup.org
Sun Jun 19 01:52:26 UTC 2011

> I do not understand the concern over which is the stable version.  It seems
> to me that the result of new development happening all the time is better
> and greater features.  I really can't care less what the version number is
> so long as the developers continue working on this great product.

The concern is that if new users go to the download page, they are told
very clearly that the stable version is

If instead they install it from their package manager, e.g. Ubuntu, unless
they specify ng, they will get

Nobody is going to write a book about a dev version. Once there is a new
stable version, there is much more motivation to update documentation
since there is not a moving target.

I am very glad to hear that ALE was right and 1.4.0 will in fact be stable.
I was looking at the top right of the wiki home page:
where is says: "Next release - 1.4.0 Developmental version"

--Andrew F.

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