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Mike Sleger chappa-ai at q.com
Sat Jun 18 12:53:53 UTC 2011

Macs no have window key.  :)

I haven't yet figured out (or taken the time to Google) how to use function keys on the MacBook.  (It has a "fn" key, but no explicit function keys like on a standard keyboard.)  The expected "fn + [number]" combination wasn't it.

I'm doing a lot of custom kerning with text.  I don't know of a key combination for increasing/decreasing character spacing, so I've been using the Text tab of Properties for this, but there's a lot of mouse travel going back and forth between the two windows.  I was thinking if I could keep the mouse over the spin buttons in Properties, I would use my other hand on the keyboard for switching between the windows with some shortcut.  Then the mouse wouldn't need to move at all.

I don't have a shortcut recommendation for switching focus, but (unless it already exists and I don't know of it) it would be even more convenient if there was a shortcut for kerning.  On a Mac, "cursor" currently moves the i-bar one character at a time, "command + cursor" moves it one word at a time, "fn + cursor" toggles moving to the beginning and end of a line. (That's a little backwards from the normal Mac interface, where "command + cursor" or "control + cursor" is the beginning/end of line and "option + cursor" is one word at a time.)  The developers could use "control + cursor" for kerning.  Left/right would affect character spacing (at the cursor position), up/down would affect line spacing (in just the current paragraph) in 0.01 increments.  "shift + control + cursor" could act the same except in 0.10 increments.


On Jun 18, 2011, at 12:34 AM, a.l.e wrote:

> hi mike,
>> Does anybody know a keyboard shortcut for switching focus from the
>> Properties window to the Main window?  Tried esc but that closes
>> Properties.
> well, it's probably a window manager thing...
> with the one of mine, i can just press "window key + space"
> the alternative is to press F2 to show the PP and again to hide it each time you need it (but you probably already know it)
> but, do you have any suggestion which shortcut scribus should use? (if it is possible to implement it...)
> ciao
> a.l.e
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