[scribus] We should be able to change fontsize in latex editor

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Fri Jun 17 14:37:17 UTC 2011

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> > and at the end is the black used for the text cmyk?
> > 
> > haven't you read that the guy was already going to ditch scribus +
> > latex because it's too complicated?
> > 
> > let's give him straight explanations no what he should and refrain
> > from digressing in things which are not essential for him to reach
> > his goal.
> > 
> > ciao
> > a.l.e
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> The guy gave up after first post mentioning how to do what he wants
> to do which left the impression he didn't even try (and doing it in
> Inkscape will probably be much more complicated than using Render
> Frame in Scribus directly). That's why I've written complete example
> which can be used by simple copy-paste if he doesn't want to try
> himself. So, he did get his explanation in quite simple terms and
> Scribus + LaTeX definitely isn't complicated at all (provided you
> know at least basics of LaTeX).
> I personally appreciate John's comment even if I don't use "plain"
> TeX, but knowing different ways to do something is always useful. You
> never know ;)
> P.S. What do you aim at with "is the black used for the text cmyk?"
> Regards,
> M.

I think he is wondering if the black text is printed using CMYK. In fact
on a CMYK-capable press the k ink component will be used for black text.
My color laser for example has just the four cartridges. On my ink jet
the CMY components were in one cartridge and the black in another
simply because black gets used the most.  If the press is not capable of
cmyk then the colored components will be printed grayscale as on my
B/W Ricoh Laser. And I need to make one small correction. In TeX the
braces do not limit the color, so the change back to black needs to be
explicit e.g.: 
Of course if a rich black has been defined and used then more than just
the k ink or toner will be in play. This is not specific to TeX. It is
part of how a particular press handles colors.

John Culleton

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