[scribus] CMYK colors

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Jun 16 07:23:59 UTC 2011

hi lisa
> This is for a background color on a layout going to a professional printer.  I did make a CMYK color that I wanted for the background, and verified that under properties/color for the background. 
> When I export to a PDF file the choice for solid colors is either Use ICC profile, where none of the CMYK options are available as they are for images, or nothing.  Maybe the nothing option is ok and it will use the color as I intended.  I was assuming, however, that this came from the preference setting for color management. 
> I changed to Scribus OpenOffice color set under edit/color, and it did not change the available options under preferences for solid color or in the export to PDF.
> Does this make sense at all?  Thanks again! 
> I'm using version

just a short answer: normally, it's better to use colored paper than 
setting a background color for the whole page... is this an option for you?


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