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S C ribus id746-scribus at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 13 07:06:20 UTC 2011

 If say 3000 fonts are available (and the application currently has all fonts used by default), and I want to use say only 10 of them, I need to uncheck "Use Font" 2990 times.  That's ridiculous.  I should be able to click a Select All button, uncheck a Use Selected checkbox, select the 10 fonts I want to use, then click a Use Selected checkbox again. 

--------- Maybe using a work directory would help. it is a specific foder where you store fonts that you use for a specific project. IMHO you cannot set it as a file-specific resource, but still it can reduce your pressure nicely.
I think you can have more than one configured too.
BTW not too sure 3000 fonts installed is good for your system, a font manager can allow you to view and test fonts on sample text even if not installed. I would "only" appreciate if Scribus had hotplug font management rather than current coldplug.
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