[scribus] Opening Scribus Documents on Mac OS X

Mike Sleger chappa-ai at q.com
Sat Jun 11 13:59:53 UTC 2011

All graphical operating systems I've used provide the "feature" of file association so parent applications can be launched when opening a document.  This is why one, and only one, application can be associated with each file extension.  Since the feature works on Windows but not on OS X, it shouldn't be too hard for somebody to correct.  The .sla file association apparently is recognized on OS X because the document icons are correct and the Scribus application is correctly launched when opening a document.  After that, though, it's either an issue with OS X not "handing a pointer the file" over to the application, or a Scribus issue with not opening the document it's supposed to.

I can tell you, it's certainly a much faster workflow to simply select a document and have the application start up, then to start up an application and then browse to a file for opening.

On Jun 11, 2011, at 5:21 AM, Trevor Jenkins wrote:

>> p.s.: i checked if it's reported... it is...
> https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=8252
>> i let you guess who reported it :-)
> Good it's been reported; no idea who reported. Firefox baulked at the
> Security certificate for scribus.net.
> Regards, Trevor.
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