[scribus] Opening Scribus Documents on Mac OS X

Mike Sleger chappa-ai at q.com
Sat Jun 11 01:00:41 UTC 2011

Granted, I'm new to Macs, but it seems to me that if I open a Scribus document from the Documents folder in Finder or on the dock, Scribus should start up WITH the document opened.  (This is what happens on Windows.)  Instead, what happens on the Mac is Scribus starts up and displays the New Document dialog.  I then have to manually click on Open Existing Document and navigate to the document that was supposed to be opening already from double-clicking it in the Documents folder.  (Canceling the New Document dialog has Scribus remaining open WITHOUT the document open that had caused Scribus to start in the first place.)  Is there some setting I need to enable somewhere to have documents actually open with Scribus without having to manually open them from within Scribus?

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