[scribus] Scribus not printing??

Ian "Witty" Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Wed Jun 8 13:52:17 UTC 2011

Hi all

Interesting problem here today. I use Scribus 1.4 RC3 on Mint 10 KDE and 
all has been well up to now.

As of today I can no longer print from Scribus. If I try I get a "No 
Paper" error on the printer (A Brother MFC8860DN and with a full paper 
tray!). I don't do much printing from Scribus but there are a couple of 
things I do need to print out each month.

I have tried everything and found out the following - it ONLY happens 
from Scribus!!!! I can do Print Test Page, Print Self Test and printouts 
from 3 or 4 other installed programs but _NOT_ from Scribus!!!???

Anyone have any ideas?


Ian Whitfield.

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