[scribus] 600 dpi

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jun 7 22:15:21 UTC 2011


> > The logo I wanted to include in my document was in a vector format,
> > SVG, but Scribus didn't seem to want to deal with it, so I
> > rasterized it as a 600x600 PNG. Is there some better way I could
> > have handled this?
> That is what I would do (and have done).
> If you created it in e.g., Inkscape you could save it as an eps file.
> That would preserve it in vector form. Don't know if that would be
> better or worse. 

or better produce a pdf, which you could then load in an image frame and include as vector (warning: it's an experimental feature...)


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