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On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 10:29 AM, John Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com>wrote:

> On Thursday, June 02, 2011 08:38:53 pm Joe Zeff wrote:
> > On 06/02/2011 05:30 PM, John Ghormley KJ4UFG wrote:
> > > Possibly a good idea, but I have a question.  What does one gain from
> > > importing from an open source format that makes it better than a
> simpler
> > > copy and paste, if one doesn't import styles?
> >
> > If you're importing a file that somebody sent you there's no need to
> > wait for it to open up in whatever word processor you'd use to edit it.
> >   If you're importing multiple files the time adds up rapidly.  And,
> > even if it's only one file it's less steps you have to take.  For that
> > matter, why do you find copy and paste better?
> Does copy and paste make each line a new paragraph?
> I agree that abolition of the story editor is a terrible idea. Some prefer
> to
> key directly in the frame but the existence of the story editor does not
> handicap them. Some of us prefer the story editor and "grew up" using it
> for
> Scribus.
> I should mention that the story editor in 1.4.0 displays the green check
> mark
> icon for "save and exit" on the icon bar but 1.5.0 hides this often used
> function in a menu. I would prefer to have the green icon checkmark
> displayed.
> Also I liked the convenience of an exit to the style editor directly from
> the
> story editor. The reasons given for abolishing this exit seem unpersuasive.
> How hard is it to make an exit to another function?
> Is someone trying to kill the story editor little by little? If so that is
> a
> serious mistake.


Copy and paste does not make a new paragraph unless the line ends with a
line feed character (I'm really old school and still refer to the lf
character as a carriage return.)  So, if each line makes a new paragraph,
then someone created the source fine with a return and line feed at the end
of each line.  Word processors only use a return without the line feed as
the end of a line and the return and linefeed combination at the end of a

When the Story Editor was updated about 1.3.8 or thereabouts, the button
that you refer to as in 1.5.0 was the only button visible and its function
was to dump all the content of the editor and save with nothing in it.  I
suggested along with several others, I suspect, that the green arrow was a
much better default button to display.  I had not noticed that has been done
but I am glad to hear it has.

I was initailly turned off by having to go outside the Story Editor to get
to the Style Editor.  However, I find there is still no need to exit the
Story Editor to get to the Style Editor.  In fact, I am getting used to and
somewhat happy with being able to open the Style Editor regardless what
windows I have open at the time.  And since entering the Style Editor as we
used to do from the Story Editor keep the Story Editor open there is no
difference in the clutter of open windows.  Being able to enter the Style
Editor from the paragraph style selection menu does seem rather intuitive
and is fewer movements and clicks, I will agree.  I can live without that
capability, but I do think it is a bit more troublesome to open the Style
Editor using the Edit->Styles mouse sequence.

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