[scribus] 1.4 rc4 Text Bug

O. Moskalenko malex at scribus.net
Thu Jun 2 14:38:17 UTC 2011

* David Burleigh <david.burleigh at gmx.com> [2011-06-02 05:29:27 -0700]:

> (Ubuntu 11.04 amd64 platform)
> I installed version 1.4 rc4 and now whenever I click into a text frame
> and start typing, the focus jumps to another page and/or frame, so the
> only way I can edit text is to open the story editor.
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Using the scribus-ng 1.4.0.dfsg~rc4 package I uploaded this week I cannot
confirm this bug on Ubuntu 11.04. I kept creating new text frames,
double-clicking on them and typing text and everything worked fine. I think
you are single-clicking on the frame instead of double-clicking. It would make
perfect sense if that's what you were doing and that's the intended behavior
as the software is trying to focus on the elements of the interface that
correspond to the keys you are typing when you single-click.


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