[scribus] booklet printing?

Arbee Designs arbee at arbeedesigns.com
Mon Jul 25 14:20:55 UTC 2011

I'm new to Scribus so not familiar with a lot of the procedures. I know
there has been discussion about booklet printing, but I'm having problems
following that because I'm just not familiar enough with it. I was using the
stable version of Scribus, but on the weekend I downloaded 1.4.0 rc5 and I
must stay what an improvement. Most of my issues are solved, so I thank you
for that. The question I do want to ask is this:

Can I print a booklet directly from Scribus? I have all the layout set up as
it should be and I can export to pdf to make the booklet, but I seem to be
having an issue trying to print directly. If so, where do I find
instructions on how to do this correctly?

I can print the booklet by exporting to pdf but have a problem of where the
printer will print wider margins on the outside edges, even though the pdf
has even margins which is annoying and I cannot seem to fix. Maybe someone
can direct me to where I can get help with this?

To rectify this print error, the only solution I've come up with is to use
booklet creator which lays the pages out as they are seen. The problem with
this is now I have a three step process to print my booklet.

Any help would be most appreciated and I'm sorry if this has already been

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