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2011/7/10 Craig Bradney <cbradney at zip.com.au>

> On 7/10/11 8:26 AM, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > When I install 1.4 RC5 on Mac OS X I have access to "Aide > Manuel de
> > Scribus" (Help > Scribus Manual) but it is in English.
> >
> > However it seems that on other platform the French Manual is accessible.
> At
> > least on Ale's machine, it is.
> >
> > How can I have access to this help on a Mac?
> >
> >
> Commit 15825 removed the installation of anything but English docs, on
> all platforms - as the others are way out of date.

This needs to be nuanced.

I am only aware of 3 languages total, including English (original text),
French and German.

It would be useful to have the sections tagged so we know what has been
updated and what has not.

For instance, large parts if not all parts of the various pages about Fonts
(Fonts in depth, Non-Latin fonts, etc.) are in the same state they were at
translation time and thus the FR translation for this part is still totally

I can only suggest that we put a warning as a header to the sections that
have been re-written so the readers know that a particular part have been
significantly updated and they should refer to the English help and/or give
a hand with the translation. This will increase the awareness about the need
for good translation but can also serve as a basis for an updated text. One
of the most difficult part in translating such texts as technical manual is
the vocabulary and the co-occurrences (combination of words that you cannot
find in a dictionary). Most of this job is now done in French and in German
and can be of great help to translators taking over.

I do not think that putting away all the translations just like that is the
way to go.

Mentioning "others are way out of date" seems a clear message but in fact it
is too general as a statement. We need details at this point because in any
event translation will be done word by word, sentence by sentence, section
by section. We need to know which parts need care.

At first glance we can also tell the Online Help is quite outdated itself in
some aspects. One screenshot show 1.3.0 cvs. The list of release dates and
versions stops Oct. 2010 with 1.3.9.

As for the availability or relevantness of the other languages, the page My
Tutorial has a link to a wiki page that is in English and refers to the
Tutorial by Nyam Bushan which is available and easy to find on the Scribus
website while the translation I made myself is much harder to find. I don’t
discuss here about relevantness, I discuss the fact that this material is
available in its original form in English and has a translation done in 2004
and if one is available, the other should be too. In fact, I see no reason
not to keep all that work available. They can by updated and/or translated
in other languages. To my knowledge, this tutorial is one of the very few
who talks about the PDF creation and edition capabillities of Scribus.

I wonder if we could use Qt-linguist to deal with this or not?

Finally, as I see that there is also an issue with the licence, I am talking
about the online help. Not the Official Manual. The one that ships with the
program should be sent with a licence that — as the application itself —
offers the same liberty.



> Ale will need to nuke
> his install directory.. and should do so, he probably has a lot of
> rubbish in it if those are still there.
> Add a
> line to Scribus/scribus/doc/CMakeLists.txt to start installing them again.
> The only exception to that might be on Windows if Jean did not stop the
> installation of the other languages too.
> thanks
> Craig
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