[scribus] Buggy Software!

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jul 11 20:58:36 UTC 2011


> a text frame with multiple styles applied to multiple paragraphs,
> then copy that text frame and link the copy to the first frame,
> and *poof*....all styles are removed, and all custom kerning
> values reset to zero.

please report it to the bug tracker with steps which can be replicated
by the devs!

btw, why the hell are you linking to a copy of a fully layouted text
the error you describe should not happen, i agree!
but your workflow is at least a bit strange.l.. 

> Of course, using the worthless Undo "feature" does not undo the corruption.


please report bug reports for features which are not implemented in the

however, it's not that strange that you can't undo a corruption... if
one happened.
personally, i don't know of any software which can do it!
and i know many software which are used in a corporate environment...

> the quantity of bug reports and feature requests: 1474 at the moment.

i had a look at the list of bug / feature requests you had submitted...

11 of 16 have been closed... and three of the open ones have been
submitted in the last two days... and one requests multi-touch gestures
which is certainly a long term request...

this looks like a rather good performance from the team!

you know if you have a project running for 10 years, there are some
chances that some requests get older and older: they can't be
implemented yet, but nobody dares to close them...

voilà... and since you are a programmer (at least i think you are
one...) you may think to contribute some fixes!

we badly need developers contributing mac specific code!


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