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Martin Kempf baubiologie at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 22:05:05 UTC 2011

Did you embedd (incorporer) the fonts when exporting to PDF?
When you used a lot of fonts, the file size will grow...
You issue sounds like you didn't, and when the fonts aren't present on 
the system you will have funny replacements of the fonts...


Le 08/07/2011 23:51, Adrienne Carmack a écrit :
> I am having problems with the appearance of my exported pdf. Although
> it looked great in Scribus, it does not look the same at all when
> viewed as a pdf on a Mac or PC or when viewed on an iPad or iPhone.
> I did use a variety of fonts, but they are all true type or open type.
> One of them is a simple bold font that is pretty standard, and on the
> Mac/PC, it just shows up as an empty space. But it shows up fine on
> the iPad or iPhone.
> Some of the fancier fonts I tried to use look completely different on
> the different devices.
> Is there a way to fix the appearance?
> Is there a written primer on how fonts work in Scribus somewhere?
> Many thanks for this and the great answers I got to my previous questions!
> Adrienne
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