[scribus] ease of use/functionality of Story Editor

Robert Marma robert_marma at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 31 20:37:54 CET 2011

Hi, all,

I wanted to say "hello" to everyone and to let you know that I'm STILL  using 
Scribus for my newsletter, as well as for creating very decent  looking personal 
greeting cards.

I just wanted to add my "two cents" regarding the Story Editor.  I like using 

not only for the ease of entering and editing text, but also for creating custom 

styles.  In fact, I recently created a very simple "template" .sla file that 
clearly displays 

examples of various character- and number- bullet styles that I typically use in 
my newsletter 

issues.  I find this procedure far easier and faster than scratch-creating 
settings for tabs, 

first line indents, hanging indents, and top/bottom paragraph spacing  for each 
article that I insert into my newsletter's text frames.  I  haven't created any 
dedicated templates, but I did create a separate  template folder for this 
file.  Currently, this works best for my work  flow.

Bob M.


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