[scribus] dev comms and sla file spec

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jan 31 17:02:37 CET 2011

hi greg,

>> format, i suggest you to set that page in the documentation under cc-by
>> (btw, by whom?) or, even better, under a public domain / very liberal
>> license.
> since i don't see any reason to specifically protect the .sla file
> I think perhaps the thing to do is to change the licensing of the 
> entire wiki, to fit more with the licensing of Scribus and its other 
> documentation.
> It can still be a relatively free licensing, but does need to be 
> consistent and compatible with the project.

just one thought: if you put any condition on the wiki which forbids me 
to commercially print something based on my contributions, i will remove 
all my contributions and refrain from further contributing.
(basically, anything less liberal than cc-by is in my eyes a no-go for a 
community contributed wiki).

... i guess that the reason is quite easy to understand...


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