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Ivan Winters iwinters at virginmedia.com
Sun Jan 30 17:47:23 CET 2011

Hello Ken et al

It is a good valid point that has been made that with OSS you have to accept
that you have to shell out for a few manuals. The manuals are of course a
fraction of the price that you would have to pay commercially for the
software. From experience (I was a print broker back in the 90's) a decent
DTP with the facilities of Scribus costs hundreds of pounds and if you were
playing commercially of course you are talking about subscribing to the
regular program update packs, font libraries and colour profiles. In
comparison Scribus which has greatly impressed me so far has cost me just
over £23 !! That is nowt for the program and £23 for a manual. I am
currently reading 'Scribus The Official Manual' by Gregory Pittman,
Christoph Schafer et al. This covers with some usefull info about
future versions. Price quoted was from Amazon and included P&p. ISBN is

Although it is slightly off subject someone mentioned Open Office manuals. I
have used Beginning OpenOffice 3 by Andy Channelle. It was £28.49 from
Waterstones but will probably be available 'new and used' on Amazon for a
fraction of that. ISBN is 978-1-4302-1590-5

BTW it would probably be appreciated when people are talking about
books/manuals on this digest if they quoted ISBN's so we know if we are
thinking of the same publications.

Ivan Winters
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