[scribus] WinXP and 1.3.9

Jean Basile jean.basile at yahoo.fr
Fri Jan 28 16:12:12 CET 2011

I'm working on a WinXP SP3 netbook and Scribus 1.3.9 appears to be quite responsive. Only that the proprieties of anything come on a panel which can't be resized. Which makes really hard to tweak something like the text settings which contain quite a few options - there will be a small vertical scrollbar and a horizontal scrollbar, to reach the first you have to use the second and so on. I would make it at least wider, but it's not possible. Also, at a point (which I can't replicate) clicking on the arrows of the vertical scroll bar act the same as clicking on the scroll bar (the equivalent of page down instead of just one line).

Tried to avoid that by going through styles which has a wider panel. Everything went well, till the fourth of fifth style after which scribus crashed.

I know there is 1.3.3.x branch stable, and that comes even with the advantage of a portable apps version. But I want the optical margins badly and that is activated in the development branch.

Also, for vertical alignment, once I choose baseline I can't modify the line spacing. Is it something I am missing? I mean I change the default 12 point font to size 9 points and I'd like to reserve for each line 11 point. As I don't seem to find a way to make lines get closer, the text is either well aligned, but too airy or nice and compact, but not on the same baseline on all columns.


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