[scribus] Eps: solving my Windows/Scribus issue

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Mon Jan 24 04:47:59 CET 2011

w/Windows 2000/sp4, Scribus 1.3.9


I have been using Scribus off an on for a few years now, as 
I continued my research and software development.

I have been developing my own software to generate and 
export various graphics formats, which for publishing a book 
given the nature of my data required the quality of vector 
formats. I am currently exporting one type of graph to svg 
and another to eps.

My eps files are generated by printing the graphic from my 
proprietary app _to a file_ using the Acrobat Distiller 3.0 
driver. This driver works well for me, but does not seem to 
be available from Adobe anymore, but is still available from 


I have no idea if this driver will work with Windows 7, so I 
may be approaching an end of life situation with this scheme.

The standard Scribus recommended scheme for .eps files of 
"File > Import > Get Vector File," then saving to an .sla, 
and then exporting to pdf, which we all need to publish 
from, was not working on my system: it was resulting in the 
fonts in my eps files converted to outlines which lost much 
of their vector integrity and loss of line integrity.

Thanks to a lengthy process of dedicated help from the 
development team it was suggested that I use the Get Image 
menu item and open the eps file into an image frame.

Then by checking the "Embed PDF & EPS Files" in the "Save as 
PDF" dialog, my font was embedded without converting to 
outlines and my graphic lines retained all their integrity.

This help has been a life-saver for me and I offer it in 
case it is of use to anyone else.

Barry McKenna

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