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John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Thu Jan 20 18:53:12 CET 2011

On Thu, 20 Jan 2011 17:02:39 +0100
"a.l.e" <ale.comp_06 at xox.ch> dijo:

>> Is the Import OO Writer routine code or script?
>the importer is a plugin (writen in c++)
>the work to be done is to recognize the pagebreak control char in the 
>odt file and change it to a frame break.
>not much to do, indeed.

I think this would be a good thing. It would be even better if
recognizing / converting the page break was user-optional, i.e., in the 
Get Text dialog box that pops up. 

At the risk of annoying some here, InDesign recognizes page breaks and
converts hem to frame breaks when importing .doc files and even when
copying and pasting from OOo Writer. (InDesign has no .odt import
filter, so all you can do is copy and paste.) Personally, I usually
found the feature annoying because the text always flowed differently
in InDesign, so the frame breaks ended up in the wrong places. On
occasion, however, it was handy, and I can see where it would be
useful for poems as the original poster needs to do. It would also be
useful for things like chapter breaks. InDesign doesn't offer an option
not to convert page breaks to frame breaks. 

If the import filter is going to be worked on I'd rather time be spent
on recognizing and converting character styles (which InDesign does
do). That's more important, in my opinion. It would also be nice to
have a "merge with existing style" option in the Get Text dialog box.
That is, be able to define styles in Scribus before importing the text
from the .odt file and have specific .odt styles converted to specific
Scribus styles. This might be more work, however, as it would probably
require a second Get Text dialog box to match up the styles.

There are other things that I wish the importer would do as well, but
mostly they would probably require extensive work, e.g., recognize and
import tables. But best I not get started kvetching about tables. :)

>things get a bit more complicated, if you want section breaks to come 
>over, too, but only if they also act as a page break or if you want to 
>respect the "page break before" rule in a heading...
>anybody volunteers to write a feature request?

I'm not smart enough. All I know how to do is kvetch about things I
want. :(

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