[scribus] PDF X/3 export in CMYK

John tuxfed at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 18:20:41 CET 2011

On 01/20/2011 08:05 AM, martin schneebacher wrote:
> hi!
> i'd like to export my file in pdf x/3 with a certain icc-profile (iso coated v2) in the output pdf. when enabling color management, it exports it but the colors are RGB (tested with pdf-preflight), and if i disable color management, it exports in CMYK but not to x/3. output for printer is enabled.  
> is this a standard behaviour? isn't it possible to tell scribus to do the RGB->CMYK conversation while exporting to x/3? 
> bye...masc.
I don't know what version of Scribus you are using, but in 1.3.9, there
is an option called "Convert spot colors to Process Colors" in the
'Color" tab of the "Save as PDF" window. That should do the trick.

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