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Thanks for the note.
I've been using Automatic Text Frames and they're helpful.  My problem  is that 
in importing pages of poems many are shorter than a page/frame  and Scribus 
continues the text for the next poem within the same frame.   I think I 
understand why that is so but hope for a workaround.

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On 01/19/2011 02:13 PM, a.l.e wrote:
> hi emerson,
>>> Have created one chapbook with Scribus and like it a lot.  However,
>>> it doesn't seem that page breaks come into Scribus with the text I
>>> get. Is this correct or is there a way to get the page breaks to come
>>> across?  My next project is larger and it would be substantially
>>> easier that way rather than editing from within Scribus.
>> Scribus doesn't "think" like a word processor. That means that it does
>> not automatically create new pages when you add text. There is no way
>> to make it do so.
>> However, when you create a new document you can specify the number of
>> pages you expect it to be. (You can always add or delete pages later
>> if you guess wrong.) There is a checkbox in the dialog box for
>> creating a new document called Automatic Text Frames (or something
>> like that). Check this box and Scribus will create the new document
>> with a text frame on each page, and the frames will be linked. Now,
>> all you have to do is import the text into the first text frame and
>> it will flow automatically into the frames on the remaining pages.
> this is very true.
> on top of it: scribus does have column and frame brake which you can use to 
>break your text after having put it in a linked set of frames.
...which by the way is Ctrl+Enter, more or less the same as with a page 
break in a word processor. The difference is that Scribus is dealing 
with frames/columns, not pages.


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