[scribus] arcs

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Jan 15 14:23:08 CET 2011

dear scribusers,

last week franz has added an arc tool to scribus15svn. those who are not used to compile scribus from source every other day can read about it here:


my questions to the people using both inkscape and scribus are:

- do you like how inkscape lets you edit ellipses?

- should scribus copy its interface (and implement all the features attached to the ellipses in inkscape)?

personally, i think that whenever it's possible scribus, inkscape and gimp should offer similar interfaces... but: does inkscape do it the right way and scribus should copy it? or is there room for improvement and scribus should go its own path?


p.s.: for now, i think it's better if we refrain from discussing whether arcs should be a standalone tool or it should be integrated in the shapes tool...

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