[scribus] Scribd and transaparency

Tiziana e Andrea tiz.tiz at katamail.com
Wed Jan 12 22:57:31 CET 2011

Hi! I'm new in Scribus, and this is my first time in a mailing-list, too...
Sorry for my English, I hope you will understand my problem.
I prepared an instruction manual (how to wear a Mei Tai) using Scribus. 
I have an immage in background, with transaprency setted on 10% (or20%). 
I saved my file in PDF and uploaded it in Scribd 
Here is first problem: links at the bottom of the page don't work. Just 
in the last page you can click on CCLicense and on my e-mail address...
Title on the first page has not correct font but this is less important.
After that I embedded the manual in my blog using the code created by 
Scribd. The manual appears (with correct font for title), but the image 
in background has not transparency anymore (and covers text).
I asked helpdesk in Sribd, but they gave me suggestions for Adobe 
Acrobat Pro... too expensive for me (and for use I need) and... I 
prefere free software!
Can you help me solving this problem?
Thanks a lot for attention...

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