[scribus] Import pdf file (1.5.0)

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Tue Jan 11 21:44:43 CET 2011

I need to import a pdf file created on an LSI template. The software 
used may have been Power Point. It was then passed through Distiller I 
believe. In any case there is a preflight report from somewhere that 
gives it a clean bill of health for PDF X/1a:2001. It looks ok in 
Acrobat Reader but at high mags the bar code gets a bit blurry and 
some of the text like the OCRA has stair steps.

 I created a blank Scribus file the same dimensions of the incoming 
document. I imported the pdf. The text is all over the place and much 
of it is missing. So on to plan two.

I erased the pdf import and instead created a full dimension graphic 
frame. I input the pdf into the frame. Now the text is a bit fuzzy and 
the bar code, which was a bit marginal before is now blurred enough to 
be unacceptable.

All I want to do is overlay the existing bar code with true vector 
barcode.  I may try Gimp at high resolution or inkscape. I just wanted 
to alert the Powers That Be that there are PDF files out there that go 
funky when brought in to Scribus by either the import method or the 
image frame method.

Stay tuned.

John Culleton
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