[scribus] Bulleted Lists in Scribus (yes, I know....) (Owen)

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jan 11 10:42:41 CET 2011

hi tony,

>> >  How do other users get round this limitation?
>> Does Insert->Chatacter->Bullet meet your needs?
> If you carefully read the text of my original question  ("...to create a
> better looking bullet...") you will see that the method you have
> suggested is precisely what I do not want to do.

scribus can't add a fancy bullet for you. it can't manage your list 
either (not yet...).

you have to manually add your custom bullets each time you make a list, 
there is no other way (the only thing you can do to speed up your 
process, is to add the bullet to the scrapbook, add it to the page where 
you're working, cut it, and paste at the beginning of each list item 
you're editing).

however, if you want a good looking list, i would suggest you to simply 
use the en dashes...
it will also make your life easier...


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